Initiative for trees by KEPA_en

Initiative "75UN-75 Trees UNAI SDG7"


The Energy Policy and Development Center (KEPA) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) in its capacity as the global United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) Hub for SDG7 has released a global initiative on the occasion of the 75th anniversary after the establishment of the United Nations under the title “75UN -75Trees UNAI SDG7” with the aim to contribute into efforts to planet reforestation  (see Declaration).


Twenty-seven (27) Greek Municipalities and eight (8) BSEC countries have endorsed the initiative.

The entities that are interested are kindly asked to download the Registration form, fill it and send it to KEPA. If they need any kind of assistance to fill it or to clarify what to write they may contact KEPA. 

The review of actions for the Initiative during year 2020 are available here (Click to see the report) (the first 10 pages have the information, the rest are annexes that support the information).

The targets for year 2021 are described (2021 - targets) and the different levels of participation - depending on the capacities and the ambition of a municipality - are also available here (click to see the text)

The Hellenic municipalities that have filled the Registration Form are the following:

  1. Municipality of Lokron - Greece (Regional Unit of Grevena, Responsible person: Mrs. Sabrina Twiss, General Secretary of the municipality, Outcome: 75 planted trees)
  2. Municipality of Platanias - Greece (Regional Unit of Chania, Responsible person: Dr. Andrianos Loukas, Agronomist, Outcome: 75 planted trees)
  3. Municipality of Palaio Faliro - Greece (Regional Unit of Attiki, Responsible person: Mrs. Antonia Fikiri, Agronomist / Surveyor, Engineer of A Degree, Outcome: 75 planted trees)
  4. Municipality of Vrilission - Greece (Regional Unit of Attiki, Responsible person: Mrs. Aggeliki Papageorgiou, Cilvil Engineer, Outcome: 75 trees to be planted)
  5. Municipality of Deskatis - Greece (Regional Unit of Grevena, Responsible person: Mr. Zisis Kogios, Outcome: 150 trees to be planted).
  6. Municipality of Irakleias Serron - Greece (Regional Unit of Serron, Responsible person: Mr. Stergios Kartalidis, Outcome: 600 trees to be planted)
  7. Municiplaity of Halandri - Greece (Regional Unit of Attiki, Responsible person: Mrs. Anastasia Nikolaou, Outcome: 75 trees to be planted)
  8. Municipality of Eretreia - Greece (Regional Unit of Evoia, Responsible person: Mrs. Panagiota Bouga, Outcome: 75 trees to be planted)
  9. Municipality of Meteoron - Greece (Regional Unit of Trikala, Responsible person: Mr. Spyridon Nikologiannis, Outcome: 150 trees to be planted)
  10. Municiplality of Agrinion - Greece (Regional Unit of  Etoloacarnania, Responsible person: Mr. Christos Gountas, Deputy Mayor, Outcome: 75 trees)
  11. Municipality of Ampelokipon-Menemenis (Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, Responsible person: Mrs. Despoina Michailidou, Head of teh Department for Green of the Directorate of Civil Engineering-UrbanPlanning - Cleanliness & Environment, Outcome: 408 Trees)

  12. Municipality of Xilokastro-Evrostini

Forms filled form entities in other countries than Greece

1. University of Manitiba, Canada (Registration form)