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Join us in the global society of action

In a rapidly worsening climate change perspective, the SDG7 targeting Clean, Affordable and Modern Energy raise in as the key factor to achieve the targeted GHG emission reductions.

Following the appeal of the US Secretary-General addressed to the global society to increase its ambition in the combat against climate change and consequently to reduce the GHG emissions that most are produced by the energy use it becomes evident that SDG7 should refocus its objectives to respond to this appeal.

In this context, the UNAI Hub SDG7 has published a not exclusive list of initiatives that they provide a platform of international cooperation on concrete issues.

The UNAI Hub SDG7 is convinced that the proposed initiatives not only cover the so far content of the 7th Goal but they further respond to the new realities.

Energy Poverty is a cross-cutting issue that concerns all economies. Its solution in a sustainable and clean manner, taking advantage of the current and future technological achievements, can lead to smart and beneficial solutions for both developed and developing economies.

UNAI hub SDG7 has developed this initiative against Energy Poverty leading to bankable project proposals.

Knowledge transfer up to the stage of implementing smart solutions leading to Zero Energy Buildings combining RES production and virtual net techniques can be beneficial for both developed and under developing economies worldwide from Central Asia and the sub-Saharan region to South America and Pacific ones.

Fuel switch to RES and NG is a clean energy transformation and can be a low-cost alternative for both developed and underdeveloped economies.

Ensuring access to electricity through the development of distribution networks in remote, underdeveloped or isolated areas is a rather uncertain perspective while the introduction of local or decentralized RES based systems can provide reliable solutions.

RES based systems can provide reliable solutions.

Introducing the LED technology in lighting defines a decisive step for low cost and energy consumption leading to less GHG emissions.

For UNAI Hub SDG7 the youth engagement in the efforts to promote its goals remains as a prerequisite for the achievement of its objectives.

Youth initiatives should contribute to the increase in the ambition of young people to achieve targets related to real action instead of consuming youth enthusiasm in protest and declarations.

Youth contests, proposed by UNAI Hub SDG7, aims to mobilize young people on clean energy activities leading to measurable GHG reductions.

In this context, KEPA as the UNAI Hub for SDG7 invites those that they share this concept to join it in developing a global society of cooperation, promotion, and implementation of SDG7.

Potential partners, interested to join the UNAI - SDG7 society, are invited to submit a one-year action plan leading to real and measurable GHG emission reductions. Approved action plans will provide the status of "candidate" member to their submitters until the beginning of their implementation.

A candidate action plan is expected to provide usual information concerning its concept, objectives, timetable, budget, timetable, etc.

Candidate action plans will be communicated to all partners of the society and to he UNAI. A short abstract of the action plan with a short CV of the project coordinator will be published and circulated worldwide.

For those interested to join the UNAI Hub SDG7 Society, please download the form (application for UNAI HUB SDG7 SOCIETY), fill it in and send it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.