Full title: The birth of European Distributed EnErgy Partnership
Duration: 2004-2009
Funding: EU FP6
Design, develop and validate an innovative methodology, based on future energy market requirements, and able to produce innovative business solutions for enhanced DER (Distributed Energy Resources) deployment in Europe by 2010.

A number of technical and non-technical barriers were identified as preventing the rapid deployment of DER across Europe. DER Market integration, regulation, and connection to the grid are amongst the most significant ones. The project objectives were therefore to address the removal of these barriers by providing solutions based on a demand-pull approach:
Innovative business options to favour DER integration;

  • Equipment and electric system specifications to connect safely more DER units to existing grids;
  • An in-depth understanding of the effect of large penetration of DER on the performances of the electrical system and on the electricity market;
  • Market rules recommendations to regulators and policy makers that will support the three studied aggregation routes;
  • A comprehensive set of dissemination actions targeting all stakeholders of DER in Europe;