1st International Training Seminar on Climate Change policies

Trends, Modeling – LEAP, Evaluation – AMS
KEPA premises, Athens, Greece (11 – 15.11.2013)

International training seminar on Climate Change policies

( Trends - Models - Reports)
KEPA premises, within the University Campus

Brief description

The international seminar lasts one week, addressing to senior executives and officials of the administration ( ministries , agencies , corporations studies ), researchers and graduate students, mainly from Europe and Asia ( Mediterranean, Black Sea and Central Asia ).

Organised by the Energy Policy and Development Centre of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in collaboration with the American branch in Massachusetts , of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

The training process is designed to provide participants with tools for holistic approach for solving problems associated with the formulation of policies, tackling climate change.

Participants will learn about international trends in climate change policies , the collection of reliable and official data, scenarios development, developing policy mixtures using the LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System) model and their evaluation with multi-criteria method AMS.
LEAP is an energy model with a software that accepts demographic, economic and energy data and its main feature usability is in countries or situations, for which there are no complete, consecutive and/or analytical data . The LEAP was developed in Massachusetts , in the Annex to the Stockholm Environment Institute . It is a widely used tool with more than two thousand users in one hundred ninety countries .

AMS is a multi-criteria method developed for assessing policy mixes for climate change. AMS was developed at the KEPA of NKUA.
The LEAP and AMS have been used for the development and evaluation of policy mixes for Mitigation and Adaptation of the twelve countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC ) and Kazakhstan, within the European program .