Bioclimatic building

 The building is located in the boundaries of the urban area of Athens, at the foothills of Mount Hymettus, in the UoA campus. Its construction was funded by the Region of Attica, through the 2nd Community Support Framework, aimed among others, to the demonstration of bioclimatic features in public buildings, the operation of which serves international activities and collaborations of the University in energy and environmental policy. It is the first of the University, and one of the few public buildings that was designed in bioclimatic terms, and embeds in its shell the system called “green roof”. On the building complex, which was built in 1500m² enclosed land, with an area of 1000 m² and volume 4.135km., are applied the key principles of bioclimatic design, such as the optimal siting of the building based on the south-facing, the exploitation of the natural terrain, the organization of space and the creation of an internal atrium for insolation and natural lighting, the protection shell, the use of solar energy for passive heating and electricity generation (installed photovoltaic system 5 kW), the use of biofuel energy source, the sun protection in the summer with canopies, protrusions etc., thermal protection (thermal and cooling benefit) and create a pleasant environment by planting the roof. Our green roofs today consist of different types of plants, shrubs and trees, such as acacias of different kinds, honeysuckle, jasmine, roses, ivy,oleander etc. The placement of the atrium, along with the planting of roofs (and the general placement of vegetation around the building) contribute to the creation of favorable microclimatic conditions - and thus, the improvement of the building’s thermal performance, ensuring pleasant conditions for semi-outdoor and outdoor.

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