International Presence

KEPA has a recognized contribution to the coordination of high importance European Commission initiatives in Southeast Europe.
It is the founder and coordinator of PROMITHEASnet, composed of twenty-five organizations from sixteen countries of the Black Sea and Central Asia.

The KEPA team has long experience in organizing international scientific and governmental meetings, seminars and conferences, such as the International Conference on Energy and the politics of Climate Change, that takes place every October in Athens since 2008, and seminars with the process of tele-teaching, on issues addressed to scientists, researchers and graduate students.
It publishes the bilingual (English - Russian) biannual journal under the title: "Euro - Asian Journal of Sustainable Energy Development Policy”, and every two years, circulates the inspection "Energy View of BSEC countries".
Four times a year,  a newsletter of the PROMITHEASnet is prepared and circulated to 23,000 recipients (scientists, researchers and managerial officers of public and private sector) in more than 170 countries.
The current activities of the center are focused on the development and evaluation of policies on climate change, the implementation of the "smart grids" concept, the development of "virtual" power plants, the promotion of an “Interim regional energy market” and the establishment of a Euro – Asian strategy for green alliance, between universities and businesses.

KEPA is the coordinator of the BSEC- Green Energy Network. See here for more details.

KEPA is part of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) initiative, while most of its activities are under the auspices of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC). It was assigned as UNAI Hub for SDG7 (more information here)