Multi-criteria evaluation of climate policy interactions

Evaluation method for climate change mitigation instruments
Popi A. Konidari

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

AMS is a specially developed evaluation method for climate policy instruments. The same method properly modified is also used for the evaluation of climate policy interactions. The method is a combination of three standard multi-criteria methods, AHP, MAUT and SMART. The criteria-tree and the interactions-tree of the method arestructured according to the classification of the design characteristics of the climate policy instruments. The first tree reflects the framework under which climate policymakers proceed with the design and implementation of a climate policy instrument. The method has been applied for evaluating the performance of EU-ETS in eight EUmember States and the overall interaction of two pairs of climate policy instruments, EU-ETS and IPPC, EU-ETS and RES under the Hellenic framework.

Keywords: Climate mitigation policy, evaluation, criteria, policy interactions, emission trading schemes, policy instruments.

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